Safety, Quality & Compliance

Work, Health & Safety

The Directors and Management Teams of ScottsRL are committed to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of all our staff. Our Safety Committees at each of our sites, stringent policies and targets about safety, as well as a comprehensive WH&S Management System available online for employees.


ScottsRL is committed to Chain of Responsibility (COR) legislation. Our customers can be assured that when engaging with ScottsRL they are working closely with a compliant organisation that promotes and supports this vital legislative requirement.

All ScottsRL staff undertake COR training on an annual basis, and our ongoing commitment to COR is strongly supported by our National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation (NHVAS) in Mass Management, Maintenance Management, and Basic Fatigue Management. (Please see Accreditations for more information.)

We are committed to the principle that all incidents, events, and injuries are preventable. Our safety systems and procedures focus on the identification and elimination of hazards in addition to the removal of unsafe behavior.

Road Safety

Our Road Safety Policy is provided to all staff at the commencement of employment and remains the platform for training sessions to ensure staff understand road safety and the organisations focus in this area. 

Our drivers are provided with ongoing training by professional driver trainers, and every driver is reassessed annually. All drivers are also trained so they understand the procedure for handling temperature-sensitive freight and delivery requirements.

ScottsRL vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking system, MT Data, and are monitored for speeding and rest breaks as required under fatigue laws. Vital information relating to road safety, speed compliance and evidence of driver fatigue can be provided instantaneously to management so that any necessary corrective action is promptly taken.

ScottsRL also provides drivers with the opportunity to progress through the business and upgrade their licence to drive larger vehicles should their skills permit.


Our Compliance and Safety department is lead by an experienced National Compliance Manager with Compliance Managers, Coordinators and Driver Trainers in every State to ensure ScottsRL is complying with COR legislation.


ScottsRL takes Quality Standards and Accreditation seriously to give all our clients peace of mind and assurance that we have management systems in place that ensure product integrity is maintained.

ScottsRL is HACCP accredited and our complete accreditations confirm our food safety standards for the transport and storage of frozen, refrigerated and non-refrigerated food items.


NHVAS Maintenance Management

ScottsRL has demonstrated that processes and procedures in our rigorous maintenance programs meet the highest standards under NHVAS Maintenance Accreditation. ScottsRL is accredited to perform in-house maintenance on all fleet.

NHVAS Mass Management

ScottsRL is accredited to carry Concessional Mass Limits. To ensure compliance, all ScottsRL depots are equipped with vehicle weighing systems and all vehicles are provided with a compliant weighbridge dock prior to departure. ScottsRL also ensure that all vehicles have a pre-trip inspection before departure.

NHVAS Basic Fatigue Management

ScottsRL is accredited under the Basic Fatigue Management (BFM), this has been achieved by ensuring our drivers are trained and monitored to ensure compliance at all times. All ScottsRL drivers undergo drug and alcohol screening. ScottsRL also provide Driver Trip Plans nationally to ensure we are continuously compliant.

WA Fatigue & Maintenance Management

ScottsRL is accredited to travel in WA, and we have satisfied the regulatory authorities that our strict management of driver fatigue and vehicle maintenance is of the highest standard.


HACCP & Food Authority

ScottsRL maintain Certificates of Currency with Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) for the approved arrangement incorporating Goods Hygiene Practice, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and product integrity.

Woolworths Quality Assurance

Woolworths Quality Assurance (WQA) standards applies to ScottsRL as a carrier for the supply of Woolworths branded and Fresh Food products. Woolworths requires that ScottsRL comply with their legal obligations in all respects.


ScottsRL is committed to safe environmental practices by implementing initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and minimise our carbon footprint.


All our vehicles are of European standard, with all prime movers fitted with in-cab monitoring to assist drivers with efficiency and vehicle optimisation. This GPS monitoring system informs the drivers on some driving aspects including G force, speed, acceleration, and braking.


ScottsRL is committed to working towards a more energy efficient business through identifying how we can build more efficient warehouses and facilities as well as investigating implementing demand management, solar power and more energy efficient management practices across all ScottsRL facilities.