10 Aug 2021

We have incorporated a number of additional provisions into our Terms & Conditions of Carriage, and Terms & Conditions of Storage.
What is changing?
The main changes incorporate additional provisions to better reflect the obligations of both Scott’s Refrigerated Logistics and its customers under the Chain of Responsibility provisions of the Heavy Vehicle National Law, and also the obligations under any Force Majeure events. Other minor changes include re-ordering of Definitions into alphabetical order and alignment of wording in the pallet process agreement between Carriage & Storage agreements.
The Terms & Conditions are important to both you and us and are legally binding. They provide both parties with a transparent framework to understand our respective roles and obligations as well as providing details about how commercial issues can be dealt with, should they arise.
We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the new Terms & Conditions on the below links and they will also become available at www.scottsrl.com.au
When do changes take effect?
The new Terms & Conditions to come into effect on 10 August 2021. Please note that any orders placed with us where pickup or delivery is on or after 10 August 2021 will be accepted by us on the basis that we have deemed that you have accepted the new Terms & Conditions.
Should you have any questions relating to the proposed new Terms & Conditions please don’t hesitate to raise your concern by emailing nationalcustomersupport@scottsrl.com.au
Please use these links to view the new Terms & Conditions:






Kind Regards,
Scott's Refrigerated Logistics