19 Jan 2021 Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Apprenticeship Program at ScottsRL

Scott’s Refrigerated Logistics is focused on improving the safety of its road transport activities and developing the next generation of skilled workers within the mechanical workshops.

ScottsRL has recognised the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy, inspiring future talent and developing our capacity by engaging with young people via education, work experience, and support vocational career development through apprenticeships.

As part of the apprentices’ development ScottsRL have engaged with key partners, who source and employ program participants and TAFE, the Registered Training Provider who delivers the training to our Heavy Vehicle Apprentices. The program provides tailored technical training and employability skills, instilling confidence, and increasing communication and team working skills.

The apprentices will be undertaking a nationally recognised qualification in Heavy Vehicle Mechanic which requires the apprentice to work and gain competence to complete the 4-year undertaking.

Heavy Vehicle Mechanics are qualified to repair and maintain the engines and components of large vehicles and engines, which are key to the Scott’s Refrigerated Logistics business.

A day on the job as a Heavy Vehicle Mechanic:

  • Repair transmissions in manual and automatic transport fleets
  • Remove and install heavy vehicle engine assemblies in the workshop
  • Detect mechanical and electrical faults for further investigation and repair
  • Test, charge and replace batteries and other electrical components
  • Diagnose and repair heavy vehicle emission control systems

ScottsRL have recently employed apprentices within the network and today we welcome Lachlan Muir to our Morningside (Brisbane) Workshop. Lachlan finished Year 12 in 2018 and has been working in similar mechanical industries which has given him a sound understanding of the industry and the expectation of the job.

If you are a mechanic looking for the next challenge and want to join our team, email us at recruitment@scottsrl.com.au